I have taken the knowledge gained in eighteen years of photographing people and applied it to creating portraits of dogs – patience and respect for the sitter whether it be human or canine is paramount.

I bring my studio to you so that your dog can stay in his familiar environment. He will quickly trust me allowing his true character to shine through in the photographs.  I will set up quietly and make friends with your dog and perhaps have a coffee and a chat with you before starting work.  Shoots rarely last more than an hour but I will always move more slowly if that is required in order to build your dog’s confidence and ensure that he and you enjoy the experience.


An artistically selected mount and skillfully made frame will enhance the beauty of your photograph and protect it from damage.   Whether you choose a bold ornate frame or one which is a more simple surround, the frame will enable it to be placed on the wall for you to admire with pleasure and pride.

Choosing the right mount and frame is an artform in itself. I work with River Crane Framing where Sue Harper offers a bespoke framing service to my clients.  She is an active member of the Fine Arts Trade Guild and is a trainer and teacher and an expert in her field.  She will help you find a mount and frame which will enhance the beauty of your photograph.

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